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Summer Fruit Popsicles

1 min read



• 1 can Sprig Melon Zero Sugar

• ¼ cup coconut water

• 1 Tbsp simple syrup

• 4 strawberries, thinly sliced

• ½ white peach, thinly sliced

• ⅓ cup blackberries, cut in half



1. In a measuring cup with a spout, combine Sprig CBD-infused Melon Zero Sugar, coconut water, and simple syrup.

2. Prepare popsicle molds by filling with berries and peach slices.

3. Pour the liquid into the mold. Freeze for 1 hour until lightly set then insert a stick into each popsicle.

4. Freeze until firm, an additional 5-6 hours or overnight.


A Recipe Collaboration with Monica Lo, @sousweed