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Ready to sell something worth smiling about?

Introduce your customers to Sprig: the most delicious, refreshing hemp THC and CBD-infused sparkling beverages in the USA.


The new, gentle alcohol alternative.

THC Sprig provides a light, bubbly high - a can is like a glass of champagne (but with a much better taste). CBD Sprig calms the body, without any intoxicating effect (perfect for designated drivers).

Available in 3 THC and 3 CBD flavors -- offer the entire lineup!

Shipped securely to your store or venue anywhere in the continental US via UPS or FedEx.

100% safe and a discreet way to enjoy THC.

Legal in all states for 21+ and great for mixing with cocktails.

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Game Changer!

"Introducing Sprig's cannabis-infused beverages to our customers has been a game-changer. They absolutely love it! The positive feedback we receive is overwhelming. Sprig's high-quality drinks and enticing flavors have become a crowd favorite, attracting new customers and keeping them coming back. It's a win-win situation for both our business and our satisfied customers."

High-quality high-demand

"Incorporating Sprig's cannabis beverages into our product lineup has been a fantastic decision. Our customers can't get enough of them! The demand for Sprig's refreshing and high-quality drinks is through the roof. They fly off the shelves, and the feedback we receive is consistently positive. Sprig has become a trusted brand that our customers adore."

Sprig CBD Drinks

For the chill-outers and the calm, cool, and collected. Sprig CBD is non-psychoactive and great for body and spirit relaxation, without the high.

Sprig THC Drinks

A light, bubbly buzz guaranteed to make you smile. Each Sprig classic offers a comparable feeling to a beer or glass of wine (but with a much better taste).