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Sprig CBD-Infused Sparkling Beverage Introduces New Sleek Cans

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Newport Beach, CA – Sprig, the delicious, refreshing, CBD-infused sparkling beverage, today announced the release of its new 12-ounce sleek cans. Sprig is available in four all-natural flavors, each with 20 milligrams of pure, lab-tested CBD from U.S.-grown hemp. Sprig’s four flavors are Original Citrus, sweetened with natural cane sugar, and three zero-sugar flavors with no artificial sweeteners: Citrus Zero Sugar, Melon Zero Sugar, and Lemon Tea Zero Sugar. Sprig contains zero THC, and is not intoxicating.
Sprig’s sleek cans comply with FDA food labeling requirements, and recent rules regarding CBD-infused products, such as QR codes linked to lab reports. Sprig is made at a USDA-certified, high-volume canning plant, with over 50 years’ experience with major beverage brands. Sprig’s formulation, and regular testing over its 1-year shelf life, ensures that each can of Sprig has a consistent level of CBD.
Sprig also announced that it opened a third distribution center, located in the mid-west, to meet growing demand in the central and eastern U.S. Together with its two west coast distribution centers, Sprig can deliver its beverages quickly and cost-effectively. Sprig is sold to stores through distributors around the U.S. Sprig is also sold via its website www.drinksprig.com direct to consumers and to stores not in Sprig’s distributor network. Sprig offers free shipping on all products sold in the continental U.S.
Joshua Rosinsky, Sprig’s EVP of Sales, noted “Sprig is the highest-quality, best-selling CBD-infused beverage in the U.S. With our eye-catching new sleek cans, high-volume production, and meticulous attention to formulation and testing, we deliver the best, all-natural CBD beverage, at a great price to our customers.”
CBD-infused beverages are one of the fastest growing segments in non-alcoholic beverages, following federal legalization of hemp cultivation under the Farm Bill of 2018. CBD beverages capitalize on three major trends: wellness, natural ingredients, and CBD. A 2019 Gallup poll reported that 14% of Americans regularly use CBD (https://news.gallup.com/poll/263147/americans-say-cbd-products.aspx). 

About Sprig
Founded in Newport Beach, California, in 2015, Sprig makes delicious, refreshing, all-natural CBD-infused sparkling beverages, using pure, lab-tested CBD sourced from licensed, sustainable U.S. farms. Sprig has an unwavering commitment to quality. Sprig is produced a USDA-certified facility with over 50 years of beverage canning experience. Sprig is lab-tested when it is made, and over its 1-year shelf life, to be certain it is free of impurities, and that it contains a consistent amount of CBD. Sprig makes no claims about the effects of CBD, or the use of CBD for any health purpose. Consumers must consult their doctors before using CBD. Sprig is not for children, or for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. For the FDA's views on CBD, see https://www.fda.gov/news-events/public-health-focus/fda-regulation-cannabis-and-cannabis-derived-products-including-cannabidiol-cbd

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