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Sprig is 10 Buds Favorite Cannabis Drinks

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10Buds.com article: A New and Refreshing Way to Enjoy Cannabis

"For those who enjoy relaxing (or energizing) with a stimulating drink, the rising popularity of THC and CBD beverages has ushered in a new and exciting way to do so. Cannabis beverages are a convenient and refreshing smoke-free way to enjoy cannabis – that’s also an excellent substitution for alcohol or conventional energy drinks. If you’re new to the world of weed drinks, keep reading. We’re going to dive into everything you need to know about cannabis beverages and their growing place in the legal marijuana market."

Types of Cannabis Beverages:

"Seltzer and sparkling water – Infused sparkling water and seltzer beverages are one of the most refreshing ways to consume cannabis. These drinks are typically given an enhancing dose of flavor by adding fruit juice or other botanicals."

10Buds Favorite Cannabis Drinks:

"Sprig’s light and refreshing CBD sparkling beverages come in three refreshing zero-sugar flavors: Lemon Tea, Melon, and Citrus, as well as Citrus Original, sweetened with natural cane sugar. Sprig beverages are made with hemp-derived CBD isolate, ensuring THC levels are kept at 0%, and are blended with natural flavors and sweeteners to achieve their crisp signature taste. Sprig’s sparkling beverages are all-natural, gluten-free, low-calorie, and caffeine-free. Each 12 oz. can contains 20mg of CBD. Sprig is sold in 12-packs – by variety or by flavor – with a 4-pack sample option. Sprig is available at stores thoroughout the US, and may also be ordered online."


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