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Sprig’s approach tocannabis drinks.

It’s 2023 andcannabis has arrived. More and more people are using the wonder-plant, and the number of new consumers looking tobuy weedin various forms grows with legalization across the United States.  WhetherTHC orCBD is your thing (or both!), now you don’t have to go to adispensary to get safe, dispensary-quality products.

Sprig offers high-quality THC and CBD drinks shipped to your door, anywhere in the Continental U.S.A.



As consumer interest in cannabis grows, people are discovering the unique wonder of cannabis-infused drinks, a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy THC and CBD. Here’s what you need to know.


What’s actually in cannabis products?

There are two kinds of cannabis molecules you’ll find incannabis products: CBD and THC.


What is CBD?  - Cannabidiol (CBD) slows the rate of certain electrical activity in theperipheral nervous system, which is believed to reduce pain and create feelings of calm without intoxication. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning you won’t get high when you ingest it.   


What is THC? - Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is psychoactive. It slows electrical activity in thecentral nervous system and definitely gets you high when you ingest it. We’re big fans. For some people, getting high helps ease their worries, makes them feel carefree, and can also result in some pain relief. 


A note on advertised ‘health benefits’

At Sprig, we avoid overpromising. Actually, we hate overpromising. It’s unfair to consumers, and can be misleading to people who are new to cannabis. Lots of companies advertise their products with a laundry list of ‘the benefits of thcand cbd.’  If you encounter one of these companies, run! We know the effects ofmarijuana are positive and supported by science, but frankly it’s still too early to guarantee particular effects. Like every supplement, results may vary. It’s about finding what works best for you.


What makes Sprig different?

Sprig was designed to provide newcannabis users and longtime enthusiasts the same thing: a sophisticated, pleasurable, and controlled experience. Sprig was founded in 2015 in Newport Beach, California, with one goal:to delight consumers with delicious, refreshing, high-quality infused beverages.Since then, we’ve added another goal: to increase awareness of cannabis options for consumers nationwide. We love liquid THC andliquid CBD, so we’re sharing that love with the world through our drinks. 


CBD and THC in liquid form takes effect quickly, which leads to a more manageable, controlled experience than solid edible products. When you add refreshing bubbles, you have a drink that tastes great and is especially fast acting.


Sprig’s lineup includes 3 refreshing CBD and 3 delicious THC flavors.


We like keeping our drinks simple. They come in several crisp, delicious flavors – 3 THC flavors, and 3 CBD. They’re sweetened with natural ingredients. They’re canned in a high-quality, food-certified facility. And there are two servings in each can — to keep or to share.


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