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Can I Serve Sprig

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Bars, restaurants, shops, and venues love THC and CBD Sprig!

You will too!



Here are some questions we have received from first-time store customers:
Is hemp CBD and THC legal?
Yes. Hemp-based CBD and THC products are federally legal if THC levels are below 0.3%. All Sprig products meet this requirement.
Can hemp CBD and THC products be shipped to my state?
Yes. Because such products are federally legal, FedEx, UPS, and USPS ship them to all 50 states.
What are the rules in my state?
All states (other than Idaho) now allow the sale of federally legal hemp CBD and THC products. Some states restrict synthetic THC, such as delta 8, but this does not apply to natural hemp products, such as Sprig. 
What are the effects of Sprig CBD and THC drinks?
CBD Sprig offers body relaxation but is not intoxicating. THC Sprig is mildly intoxicating -- a can is roughly equivalent to a beer or glass of wine. The buzz is light and often described as friendly and uplifting.
Have more questions? Please do not hesitate to email us at hello@drinksprig.com.
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