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4 Ways CBD Can Help With Your Sleep

1 min read

Did you know CBD promotes better sleep?

A good night's sleep is key to healthy living. Make Sprig a part of your nighttime routine and enjoy the calming benefits of CBD! Here are some insights:

1 —

Stress messes up sleep cycles. Relaxing before bedtime by meditating and deep breathing promote calm and may reduce anxiety.

2 —

Drinking sugary, caffeinated beverages before bed makes falling asleep difficult. Sprig is naturally sweetened with quality ingredients, CBD, and zero caffeine. It's a great pre-bedtime option!

3 —

For better quality sleep, avoid looking at any screen right before bed. Instead, we suggest reading a good book with a glass of hot tea or a can of Sprig.

4 —

Stick to a routine (as much as possible)! Consistency helps your body get in the habit of better sleep to help you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sweet dreams!