We’re super pumped to share part two of this sixteen part recipe series from the darling Monica Lo from SousWeed. This Lychee Rosé Spritzer is so refreshing and the perfect addition to any of your summer plans. 
Sprig CBD Soda Cocktail Recipe
• 1 bottle rose, chilled• 1 can lychee• 2 oz lemon juice• 1 can Sprig Melon Zero Sugar• Lemon wedges, to garnish
Sprig CBD Soda Cocktail Recipe
1. In a large pitcher, add 1 bottle rose, lychee and its syrup, lemon juice, and Sprig Melon Zero Sugar. Stir to combine.
2. Fill wine glasses with ice, lychee rose spritzer, and garnish with lemon and lychee.
3. Enjoy!

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