It starts with medical grade, distilled THC oil. We work with the best suppliers in the industry to guarantee each Sprig is infused with 100% CO2 extracted, clean oil. We then blend our oil with natural flavors and just the right amount of pure cane sugar to create one tasty beverage. Doug Benson calls it, "The only cannabis beverage that doesn't taste like bong water." We're inclined to agree.

When you pop open a can and take that first swig, you'll notice that this is not like other cannabis infused drinks. Sprig's citrus flavor is immediately refreshing and highly unique. No need to shake or stir - each can is ready to drink as-is. Within 30 minutes, you'll begin to feel the effects of the 45mg THC infusion*. Sprig's effects come on more quickly than traditional edibles. Within an hour, you'll be in the midst of Sprig Bliss. Sprig is intended to be a social and fun experience. We suggest you head to the beach or take a hike, but if you want to binge-watch Netflix, that's OK too. 

*45mg is a comfortable serving of THC for many users, however first timers and/or infrequent users should start with a smaller serving - we recommend splitting a can with a friend or two the first time.